We'll Do the Digging While You Plan Your New Construction Project

Choose us for foundation trenching in Otisville, MI

Foundation trenching is the first step in new home construction. Get your project off to a great start by hiring Joe's Masonry, LLC. We'll prepare your land for future construction by removing rocks, digging trenches or grading your land.

In addition to foundation trenching, we also offer trenching for new plumbing or utility equipment. To schedule your service in Otisville, MI, call 810-537-1260.

Get the help you need to complete your project

Get the help you need to complete your project

Don't let rocks get in the way of your construction project. Rely on us for rock removal services. We'll safely and efficiently remove rocks or boulders from your property so you can begin your project on an even surface.

Although some projects require the removal of rocks, others warrant their presence. Instead of hauling bags of rock or soil to and from the store, rely on us to handle your supply. We'll import any rock or soil of your choice directly to your front yard.

Call today to schedule your rock removal services in Otisville, MI.